Recently I’ve released a survey for premeds on their wants, needs and pain points. I genuinely want to know how I can help. Here is the link to my survey, please take it so I can understand how to help you! A sticking point keeps coming up- that huge elephant in the room: THE […]

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Uncertainty: How do you deal with it?

Hello all, Summer is upon us and for many, this means you are starting the application cycle, filling out applications, taking the MCAT or starting residency. Things are new, you are embarking on a new journey and not sure how things will pan out. How do I know? I’ve been there and oddly enough, I’m […]

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Raising the Bar

Hello Premeds, I hope your day is going well. Mine is. I’m spending it with my family and contemplating what I’d want to know if I were in your shoes. I was there once and felt that getting into medical school was impossible. I felt as if no matter how high my scores were or […]

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