What Is The Match?

UCLA Anesthesiology Class of 2012. aa77fa0e7e2471849ee1a7bf01791da22012_07_17_14_21_40.jpg Hey there. I want to address the next step in the medical journey after medical school – Residency. How do you get there? It’s called the NRMP Match. It’s a national program that matches medical students with residency programs. US, International Medical Grads and Osteopathic Medical students can apply. In […]

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How to be a stellar 3rd Year

Hey beautiful medical students! That’s right, I said beautiful. You have to be beautiful to take being called -“medical student” a million times and having to run here, there and everywhere. You are in the way, the lowest on the totem pole so they say, but really, you are the most important because you are […]

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