About Us

Hello there premed students!

I am Dr. Candice Williams, Anesthesiologist, Pain Specialist and Premed Consultant. I’ve been where you are, on the outside of the medical profession trying to get in. I completed my studies in Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley. I attended medical school, Anesthesiology residency and pain management fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles.

 I enjoy helping students and have experience teaching as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Charles R. Drew University where I’ve taught medical students in workshops and simulation. I also am a Board Member of STEAM 100/Pathways, an organization that seeks to promote STEAM careers amongst underserved students.

I started Premed Consultant Blog as a resource for YOU. I’ve mentored premeds since 2003 and have read countless applications. I know the process is confusing and you need guidance. I’ve been there. I’m here to simplify the process through a comprehensive coaching program, online resources and content that are in development. I coach medical students and residents as well.  If you are beyond the premed phase and looking for a place where you can find advice, support and ask questions – this is the place for you!

My goal is to create a safe space where we exchange ideas, help one another and RESPECT each other. EVERYONE is vital, needed and wanted. Our patients and world is diverse and our medical community should be also. Let’s help each other, have fun in the process and all accomplish our goals together.

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I look forward to connecting with all of you. Candice Williams, MD