Hey there! A little Q&A based on questions I’ve received from premeds or those I’ve seen asked online. Every situation is unique, but in general, these questions are very common along this journey and there are some general rules to consider to give yourself the best chance at success. I will post these often to give some daily insight and inspiration!

  1. When choosing to strengthen my grades, should I do a post bacc program vs. taking coursework at a Junior college or State school?

I see this question all too often. If you have a low science GPA during undergrad OR you were another major that is not a biological  or natural science major, a post bacc program could be a good choice. There are many resources out there and a list of  postbacc programs by the AAMC is a great resource. The considerations are what you can afford and whether you get accepted. IF you find you cannot gain admission due to either a low GPA or poorly written personal statement or lack of activities, I recommend to first have an expert look over your application (ie. physician, medical student or resident, or at least someone good at editing). Have a physician look it over before submission. If all these efforts fail, then the next thing to think about is what can I afford?

It does come down to money and time. With time, as you will see in my posts, I say – take it. Meaning, take your time and prepare a great, outstanding application the first time. If money is an issue and you are supporting yourself, you are a non traditional applicant or don’t have access to extension courses at a major university, I recommend re-taking the lower division courses you did poorly in at a junior college, and upper divisions at a state institution. The caveat is you must do well! An upward trend is looked upon more favorably. Make sure you retake what you received C and below grades in to demonstrate you can handle the medical school curriculum.

That’s my Q&A for today! Check back to see more tips and frequently asked questions.

Till next time,

Candice Williams, MD

Interventional Anesthesiologist and Premed Consultant



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